National atlas of Ukraine


From now one of the achievements of independent Ukraine — the first National Atlas of Ukraine is available at NTUU “KPI”. This gift on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine made by Rudenko, director of the Institute of Geography Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, on the occasion of 110 anniversary of the KPI.

“Research, information, educational, cultural and other spheres of social life of our country — he said — rich source of unique knowledge about its history, nature and society — National Atlas of Ukraine”.

The National Atlas are in the greatest cartographic products that summarize the achievements of science, culture and all spheres of life of mankind. They serve as reservoirs of geo-information obtained in different areas of natural and social research and for use in areas of social practice: administrative structures territory, balanced development of economic activities, development directions of improvement of life of the population, addressing natural resources, improvement of the environment, preservation of memory and material culture.

This collection is national property price. For example, late last century geographical community celebrated 100 years since the release of the first National Atlas of Finland. Many of the world have developed and published their national atlases. Among them — atlases published in recent years, our neighbors, Poland and Belarus. Russia is completing the preparation of 4-volume National atlas.

National Atlas of Ukraine — first established in state history cartographic work encyclopedic level —developed by scientists and specialists from institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and others leading universities of the state, some ministries, government and NGOs. The development of materials of atlas was attended by over 300 scientists, which worked 17 scientific advisers. Thematic and informative examination of works carried out 67 experts and review materials in clusters — 27 highly qualified scientists from various scientific institutions in Ukraine.

Atlas contains 440 pages in format 35.2 x 47 cm, 875 maps of various scales, nearly 100 pages of text, many graphics and illustrations. In addition to this primary that included a book with lyrics and legends of cards in Russian and English languages. By the way, weighs about 7 kg. Also it is an electronic version, produced of “Intelligent Systems Geo”. Six clusters Atlas maps developed for the sole methodological and principles with this atlas is the product of standardized, comparable to the National Atlas of other countries in the world.

Thematic block cards “Common characteristics” reveals particular territory and society of Ukraine, its place in the natural, economic, demographic, cultural and political space of Europe and the world.

Thematic block card “History” reflects a modern vision of Ukrainian scientists, major historical events and personalities that influenced the creation of the Ukrainian state.

Thematic block maps “Natural” conditions and natural resources, the largest number of sections and maps, display characteristics and resource capabilities of all components of the nature of Ukraine.

In creating a map of this unit participated in several branches of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the largest compared to other blocks of cards, the number of performers. Sources of information are copyright the results of research staff and scientific institutes of Ukraine and individual stock materials.

Block cards "Population and Human Development" is dedicated to characteristics of the population, its structure, social development and habitat. It presents a classic characteristics of the population elements (location and composition of the population, demographic characteristics, migration, etc.) and new, modern — the formation of the population, placing ethnic communities and the characteristics of multi-ethnic regions, religious organizations, human development.

Basic source of information for making maps — materials first nationwide population census (2001), the population of previous years and other statistical material. The structure of block of cards “economy” based on the principle of a consistent definition of the main areas of the economy — financial, industrial, infrastructure. In the first display regions and the potential financial activities of the banking system of Ukraine. Feature stories that characterize the production sector, presents the main economic activity (industry, agriculture, water, forestry, fisheries).

Among the infrastructural elements provide detailed description of transport, communication and trade. Thematic atlas of completing an information pack of cards environmental condition of the environment. Relevant maps describing the ecological state of natural components (atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, vegetation, wildlife). Results and anthropogenic impact on the environment and ways to prevent environmental degradation.

In the atlas of generalized modern spatial information necessary for the activities of the legislative and executive power in policy-development. Atlas will be indispensable source of knowledge in science, education and culture. Multifaceted content, scientific and practical significance of the heritage of the Atlas makes national heritage.

National atlas of Ukraine may become a thematic and informational base for other atlases, national and regional information systems and other important information products. Given the status of the National atlas as a public release, his appearance to promote the prestige of Ukraine in the world.

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National atlas of Ukraine

National atlas of Ukraine