WDC-Ukraine Data Explorer

ImageService allows to download data for each country in the world for a certain period in the file. Information can be obtained as the xml-file, Excel spreadsheets and html-page.

WDS Data portal

ЗображенняThe implementation of a portal allowing for retrieving data from at least part of the WDCs was identified as a feasible goal during the last WDC meeting in Bremen. The first step will concentrate on metadata catalogues.

National atlas of Ukraine

Національний атлас України

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents the National Atlas of Ukraine— a new information product, that integrates the modern knowledge about the country.

Its availability to the world is certainly an important event in social and academic life. It summarizes the huge volume of spatial information, provides a variety of information on history, environment, population and economy of Ukraine — a large independent European state.

The Atlas is covering various aspects of natural recourses and demographic economic potential that are consistently interconnected and based on modern data bank. It will also stimulate the replenishment of the further development of fundamental knowledge about Ukraine.

National atlas is an important component of the whole of geographic information system. It will be useful for the legislative and executive authority in justifying and determining the strategy of socio-economic development, planning, projects’ implementation, and scientific research for education and patriotic education of citizens.

Russian-Ukrainian Geomagnetic Data Center


The Inter-regional Geomagnetic Data Center of the Russian-Ukrainian INTERMAGNET segment is operated by the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GC RAS). Geomagnetic data are transmitted from observatories and stations located in Russia and Ukraine.

Atlas of Sustainable development


Sustainable development atlas of regions of Ukraine is one of the tools to support management decisions based on analysis of regional differences in regional development in Ukraine. Use the map data to evaluate divisions received performance and identify trends in their spatial distribution.

Ukraine in the sustainable development indicator analysis

ЗображенняThe service provides a convenient and public access to data on sustainable development. It allows data for separate Ukranian region and gives a possibility to compare data for different countries in tabular or visual form.

GIS Trainings

ЗображенняOn the basis of the Canadian study project "Establishment of the basis of the infrastructure of spatial data: providing a base in the Ukrainian government to support sustainable economic growth", WDC Ukraine has launched a geomatics cources that has been operating successfully since 2015.

Global analysis of quality of life and security of life


The service provides a convenient and public access to data on sustainable development. It allows data for separate countries and gives a possibility to compare data for different countries in tabular or visual form.

Dashboard of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Ukraine

Image The interactive web-based Dashboard to track and forecast COVID-19 cases in Ukraine.



Short-term COVID-19 forecast


The results of short-term predictive modeling of the number of patients with COVID-19 in Ukraine and Kyiv are obtained using a multilayer Back Propagation Neural Network based on the mechanism "sliding window".

Monitoring of surface water dynamics

 Dashboard “Surface waters dynamics of the reservoirs of the Crimea for 2019-2020”

Since 2014, the Crimean Peninsula has not received water from the North Crimean Canal. Crimea is becoming more and more dependent on precipitation every year. Precipitation and the wells currently provide the inhabitants of the peninsula with water. The quality of water in many wells is falling, the waterlevel in them is depleted, new ones have to be drilled. Climate change, uneven precipitation throughout the Crimea makes the situation with drinking water more and more threatening every year. It is extremely important to have a system for monitoring the dynamics of surface water levels in order to assess the current situation and predict the development of processes related to the amount of water on the peninsula. Using remote sensing data and modern geoinformation methods [1], [2] the analytical panel (dashboard) was created to analyze and monitor the dynamics of surface waters of Crimean reservoirs.