National atlas of Ukraine

Національний атлас України

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents the National Atlas of Ukraine— a new information product, that integrates the modern knowledge about the country.

Its availability to the world is certainly an important event in social and academic life. It summarizes the huge volume of spatial information, provides a variety of information on history, environment, population and economy of Ukraine — a large independent European state.

The Atlas is covering various aspects of natural recourses and demographic economic potential that are consistently interconnected and based on modern data bank. It will also stimulate the replenishment of the further development of fundamental knowledge about Ukraine.

National atlas is an important component of the whole of geographic information system. It will be useful for the legislative and executive authority in justifying and determining the strategy of socio-economic development, planning, projects’ implementation, and scientific research for education and patriotic education of citizens.

Atlas plays an important role for the development of science itself. Its cartographic material is based on the latest results of nature and society fundamental research. Conceptual and informational “white spots” on some important issues were also revealed through analysis and synthesis of information represented in Atlas.

Atlas combines six clusters: general description, history, natural conditions and natural resources, population and human development, economics, the ecological state of the environment.

The bulk of the information submitted in the form of thematic maps, additional information or comments — with the help of charts, graphs, explanatory text and photos.

To access National Atlas of Ukraine press here.