GIS Trainings

ЗображенняOn the basis of the Canadian study project "Establishment of the basis of the infrastructure of spatial data: providing a base in the Ukrainian government to support sustainable economic growth", WDC Ukraine has launched a geomatics cources that has been operating successfully since 2015. The program is based on training courses developed jointly by Vancouver Island University.

The program is designed for postgraduate education in the field of land management, urban planning, cartography, geosciences and geoinformatics.

he training takes place remotely, which does not require a personal presence of the listener. Obtaining tasks and controlling knowledge takes place using the Moodle distance learning platform and the GIS server, which provides access to learning resources and software in a 24/7 mode, so that each participant can select a schedule that is convenient for them.

The main benefits of participating in the program are:

  • Ability to study in 6 canadian cources and materials;
  • Distant education without leaving the main place of work;
  • Possibility of advanced training in a specific subject area of geoinformation technologies;
  • Qualified trainers with scientific degrees of Igor Sikorsky KPI та Taras Shevchenko KNU;
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Advanced Training for Igor Sikorsky KPI;
  • Possibility of continuing internship or correspondence education in Canada, along with enrollment of courses in Ukraine, which significantly reduces the cost of completing education in Canada.

The training takes place within 3 months, during which you study 10 training modules and pass the intermediate and final examinations. The training takes place using the Moodle training platform and the GIS server, which allows access to practical work and software.

The training is based on the use of ESRI's ArcGIS software (training version) and open source software (QGIS and PostgreSQL).

The program offers six training courses:

  • Introduction to geographic information systems;
  • GIS database management systems;
  • Geospatial cadastral information systems;
  • Project management in GIS;
  • Spatial modeling and GIS analysis;
  • Internet technologies for GIS and geoportals.

Courses are now available for anyone wishing to master the specifics of working with GIS in Ukraine or improve their qualifications by obtaining a state-level certificate of advanced training in computer science. The quality of instruction is guaranteed by Canadian instructors and standards of Canadian education.

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