XII International Conference on Science and Technology SAIT-2010


At the 25–29 of May, 2010 in Kyiv (Ukraine) Twelfth International Conference on Science and Technology “System Analysis and Information Technologies” will be held.

We invite scientists, postgraduates, students, and employees from scientific academies and industry to take part in this conference. More details you can find at the conference page.

Topics of conference are:

Section 1. System Analysis of Complex Systems of Various Nature

  1. System analysis methods for complex systems of various nature in conditions of uncertainty and risks.
  2. Mathematical methods, models and technologies for complex systems' research.
  3. Technology foresight system methodology in problems of planning and strategic decisions' making.
  4. Theory and methods of optimal decision-making.
  5. Problem oriented methods of complex systems’ analysis and designing in conditions of uncertainty and risks.
  6. Nonlinear problems of system analysis.
  7. System methodology of sustainable development.

Section 2. Intelligent Systems for Decision-Making

  1. Intelligent decision-making systems (IDMS) in finance-economical area (micro- and macro economical systems, banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, etc.)
  2. Decision-making systems in social processes' management.
  3. Decision-making systems in technological processes' management in industry.
  4. Intellectual analysis of data and knowledge; problems of data and knowledge mining, knowledge bases for IDMS.
  5. Mathematical modelling and forecasting of complex objects and processes.
  6. Decision-making under the data uncertainty conditions (systems of fuzzy logical deduction).
  7. Modern methods and algorithms for IDMS (genetic and evolutional algorithms, neural networks, etc.)

Section 3. Grid-technologies in Science and Education

  1. Propositions for State Grid Program task implementation in the scientific, technical and socio-economic spheres of Ukraine for 2010–2013 years.
  2. Development of semantic Grid-services, which operate with knowledge on the base of metadata, ontologies and methods of extraction of knowledge (Data&Knowledge Mining).
  3. Training personnel for supporting of Grid-environment and its services.
  4. Computer-Aided Design in Grid conditions, models and procedures of Microsystems Design.

Section 4. Progressive Information Technologies

  1. Support (mathematical, algorithmic, linguistic, informational-organizational, technical, software) of the control systems, information processing, and development technologies.
  2. E-commerce.
  3. Information security and guarding.
  4. Highly productive operating systems and networks, telecommunication technologies.
  5. Data and knowledge bases as the environment of information support for control and design.

Section 5. Academic programs in system analysis and information technologies

  1. SAP University Alliances Program.
  2. SAS Global Academic Program.
  3. NetCracker Academic Program.