The Start of Ukrainian World Data Center in Partnership with Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Science


At the 17th of November 2006 in Kyiv the scientific seminar «Start of Ukrainian World Data Center in Partnership with Geophysical Center Russian Academy of Science» took place.

It was devoted to the discussion of problems, new tasks and plans connected with the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’s» implementation to the network of the World Data Centers of the International Council of the Science of Ukraine (ICSU).

The other aim of the seminar was the mutual exchange of proper scientific information, data and knowledge in scientific spheres concerning Earth or Planetary Physics.

Reports by the representatives of Geophysical Center Russian Academy of Science (GC RAS) were made during the seminar:

  1. «Planetary Data and Panel of World Data Centers of International Council for Science», director of GC RAS, corresponding member of RAS Gvishiani O.
  2. «The History of the World Data Centers development in the Soviet Union», Kudashyn A.
  3. «Interactive data source in the sphere of cosmic physics, SPIDR system», Andreev A.