Visit of University of North Texas Delegation


Delegation of University of North Texas visited NTUU “KPI” at January 18th, 2012. Among the guests - Costas Tsatsoulis dean of the College of Engineering, Gabriel Carranza - assistant vice provost and Vladimir Shulaev – professor.  


Among the scientists and professors that hosted international delegation – Michael Zgurovsky – acting rector of NTUU “KPI”, Sergiy Sydorenko – Institute of Energy Saving director, Artur Prahovnyk, pro-rector deputy, Sergiy Shukaev – head of the International Projects department, Kostiantyn Yefremov – director of World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, Alexis Pasichny – director of NTUU “KPI” Students Science Association, Gennadiy Statyukha director of Central East European Institute for Sustainable Development, and Andriy Verlan – associate professor at Sub-department of Automatization of projection of power processes and systems.

University of North Texas is one of the biggest establishments of higher education in its region. During the visit, participants of meeting pointed out joint directions on future collaboration. Among them – sustainable development, renewable and green energy, informational technologies etc.

Agreement on future long-term collaboration among universities was reached at the end of the meeting.