Intergovernmental oceanographic commission (IOC)

The intergovernmental oceanographic commission (IOC) UNESCO was created in 1960 within the limits of UNESCO.

According to the IOC Charter the purpose of Commission is assistance to the international cooperation and coordination of the programs, concerning researches, services and potential strengthening in interests of expansion of knowledge about the nature and resources of ocean and coastal areas, and also usage of this knowledge for management perfection, maintenance of sustainable development, protection of marine environment and simplification of decision-making processes by its member states.

Programs of IOC international cooperation include: studying of ocean's role in the climate changes, estimation of marine environment condition, creation of Global ocean supervision system, development of services of tsunami prevention and international exchange of oceanographic data and information, mapping of the World ocean's bottom, cooperation in preparation and training of experts in the field of marine sciences, including "floating universities" and UNESCO departments of IOC. IOC boards are the Assembly and Executive council. IOC secretariat is situated in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

In 2006 among IOC members were 136 states. In IOC activity leading national governmental marine organisations and scientific research institutes of IOC member countries take part. Within the limits of UNESCO IOC is recognised to be the body with a functional autonomy. Within the limits of the United Nations Convention on marine law IOC is recognised as "the competent international organisation in the field of marine researches and sea technology transfer". The United Nations recognised IOC as the key organisation of the United Nations system in the field of marine sciences and services. Many IOC programs are carried out together with other international organisations of the United Nations system (WМО, IМО, FAO, UNEP, IAEA), and also ISH, ICSU, SCOR, ICES, PISES, ICSEMS, etc. Increased role of IOC in the decision of the present global problems was noted by the Conference of the United Nations on environment and development (Rio, 1992) and by the World summit on the sustainable development (Johannesburg, 2002)

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