Solar-terrestrial physics

Multimedia survey of Solar System

Project «Nine planets» is the brief survey of history, mythology and latest scientific researches of every planet and satellite in the solar system.

Multimedia survey on the site Astronet.

Geomagnetic data

Geomagnetic field — magnetic field of the Earth — measured in any point of earth surface is the totality of several magnetic fields, generated by different sources. This fields superimpose and interact one with other. More than 90% of measured field is generated inside the planet and in the Earth crust.

Ionosphere data

Ionosphere — is a part of upper atmosphere, where the density of unbound electrons is enough to influence the wave transmission. Ionization depends, firstly, on Solar activity.

Reference system, earth rotation parameters

Information data bases of space geodesy and geodynamics:

Data bases of observation results, gained with the methods of space geodesy and geodynamics with stations of ukrgeokosmomerezha (data bases of the main astronomic observatory of NAS of Ukraine):

Meteoric particle observations

Short-time flashes, appearing in the terrestrial atmosphere when invading of fast-moving minute solid particle, were called meteors (rarely, meteors are miscalled «shooting stars»).

Solar data and solar-terrestrial connections

Space rays

Space rays — is a natural radioactivity of space, charged particle flux of the high energies, falling to the Earth from the space (primary rays), and also secondary particles flux, born in reactions in the upper strata of atmosphere.