The integration of Ukrainian science (Kyiv Polytechnic)


Late last year Moscow hosted an international meeting on the cooperation of World Data Center (WDC) of Russia and Ukraine and reorganization Systems World Data Center (World Data Center System) in the global system data (World Data System).

This meeting was the last link to a definitive recognition by the world scientific community Ukrainian World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (, and adopted its decision on the organization on the basis of global data centers of our two East European countries regional cluster global system data - an important step towards creating a unified information space for gathering, processing, exchange and use data for research.

The composition of the newly formed cluster included: WDC for Solid Earth Physics and WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, which operate at the Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS Hz), Russia, Moscow WDC for Meteorology, WDC for Oceanography and WDC for missiles, satellites and data from the Earth's rotation, which ensures the functioning of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center (VNDIHMI-WDC), Russia, Obninsk, and the WDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, based at the ESC "IASA" NTU "KPI , Kyiv, Ukraine.

Meeting held December 26, 2008 in the Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. Her work was attended by the World Data Center and agencies that provide activities WDC in Russia and Ukraine. Among them: MZ Shaymardanov Director VNDIHMI-WDC, WDC for Meteorology director, chairman of the meeting; D. Hvishiani Director Hz Sciences, coordinator of international group certification WDC; MZ Zgurovsky, Rector of NTU "KPI" , supervisor of WDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, N. Syerhyeyeva, Director WDC for Solid Earth Physics, EP Harina, Director WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, A. Kuznetsov, head of WDC for Oceanography, K. V. Efremov, director of WDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development and others.

Discusses the restructuring of the Russian segment of the World Data Center System. Also, the meeting reviewed the status of implementation of ongoing projects and discussed the possibility of creating a geographic information system "Russia - Ukraine and agreed on concrete steps for its implementation, the issue of harmonization of data formats and the use of existing public and academic computer networks for data exchange in URAN and GEANT, and so on.

During the discussion on the reorganization and creation of systems WDC Eastern European regional cluster was organized Telemist Moscow (Russia) — Denver (USA), which was attended by Jean-Bernard Minster (Jean-Bernard Minster) and David Clark (David Clark), respectively co-chairman and secretary of the International Committee of the transition of bringing systems to WDC World Data System. In addition, the agreement was entered into partnership, cooperation and scientific exchange between Hz RAS VNDIHMI-WDC and ESC "IASA". On behalf of the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis contract signed director ESC "IASA" M.Z. Zgurovsky.

World Data Center System was established in 1957 under the auspices of the International Council for Science (International Council for Science, ICSU). Today it has about 50 World Data Center in 13 countries. Ukrainian Branch of World Data Center (UvSTsD) was created in the structure of ESC "IASA" NTU "KPI" as a branch of the Russian WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Solid State Physics of the Earth based on the Agreement on cooperation and scientific exchange between the Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences and ESC " IASA "the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Geophysical Center of Russian Academy of Sciences April 3, 2006 and received direction to the collection, preservation, processing and representation of data with GIS and sustainable development. In the spring of 2008 UvSTsD initiated a certification procedure for accession to the World Data Center System as a full member, all conditions which were successful.

WDC collects all available global data on sustainable development, including those that are synthesized in the research team conducted directly ESC "IASA". The second — "Geoinformatics" (Physics of solid earth solar-terrestrial physics, oceanography, astrophysics, geography) — provides authentic data through a network of partners with whom it signed the partnership agreement, and scientific exchange. Among them: Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine. SI Subbotin (IHF), Institute of Geography, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IG), Center for Aerospace Research of the Earth Sciences of Ukraine (NTSAKDZ) Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Marine Hydrophysical National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and others.

Together with partners, the World Data Center conducts a number of projects that have produced inconclusive results, particularly in conjunction with the IHF, the first stage of implementation of the automated storage of geophysical data elements publications seismic data, is developing recommendations on upgrading transmission systems and storage of seismic data, start the procedure of entry international organizations IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) and ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology); with NTSAKDZ are working with a set of models for solving topical problems of remote sensing and their subsequent implementation on the basis of computing power WDC; together IG continues to deploy and support the electronic version of the National Atlas of Ukraine (2008, Institute of Geography of the main developers of NAS of Ukraine and of "Intelligent Systems - GEO) on the technical basis of WDC, and the establishment of joint research and educational laboratories spatial (geographic) database heoinformtsiynyh and application systems, etc.

In addition, World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development engaged to perform the tasks of the state target program "Information and communication technologies in education and science", 2006-2010.


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The integration of Ukrainian science (Kyiv Polytechnic)

The integration of Ukrainian science (Kyiv Polytechnic)