Hilary Rodham Clinton – Secretary of State the USA visited NTUU “KPI”


On July 2, 2010 Secretary of State of the USA Hilary Rodham Clinton visited NTUU “KPI” within the scopes of her 4th Ukrainian visit.

Representatives of mass media, public and international organizations and of course the best students of Kyiv universities, including NTUU “KPI”, took part in the event.

Michael Zgurovsky – rector of NTUU “KPI”, scientific advisor of WDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable development, academician of NAS of Ukraine opened this solemn meeting with welcoming speech on the eve of 234th anniversary of the USA Independence Day. In his speech he thanked to Secretary of State for her visit and called upon the ambassador Melanne Verveer. Melanne Verveer’s speech in Ukrainian became a pleasant surprise for all the guests. We found out that the ambassador has Ukrainian roots, and since her childhood she knows and often sings the anthem of Ukraine. By the end of her speech she introduced and then called upon Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Hilary Clinton in her appeal to the representatives of the most active part of Ukrainian society paid attention to the necessity of energy security policy formation and to responsibility of every citizen in front of his country. Hilary Clinton stressed that the development of the country is impossible without the feeling of responsibility and a great work of every citizen for his country, as no outside assistance can influence the development of the country in the way that everyday productive work of every member of society does.

Secretary of State dedicated over half an hour to the answers on the questions of students and representatives of Ukrainian public organizations.

More information about the event is on the site of the U.S. Department of State in the shorthand record of the meeting.

Iryna Smolina,

Employee of WDC for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development