KPI will consult environmentalists


NTUU «KPI» signed a memorandum with the National Environmental Investment Agency on cooperation, which will provide a comprehensive scientific analysis of innovations that improve the environment.

As a result of signing the memorandum between the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» and the National Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine the full use of achievements of native science for solving planetary environmental problems will become possible.

We shouldn’t forget that the primary purpose of National agency is accomplishment of Framework United Nations Convention on Climate Change requirements and Kyoto Protocol implementation.

So government today and in the nearest future will develop and finance projects that can reduce emissions of harmful gases and other poisons into the atmosphere, land and water. The work of the department will be supported by the state and foreign investors. KPI's role in the project – is to help the officials in many good things that can be done to improve the environment, and to choose the most effective onesі.

«Our work will resolve the issue of energy planting of greenery. The agency chose the Institute as an expert organization in this project» - noted at the signing ceremony, the Rector of KPI Michael Zgurovsky.

«We hope that Japan's experience in solving environmental problems will help Ukraine», noted Osamu Mizutani, director of JICA project, in which our country and Japan cooperate in high-tech field. It should be noted that Japan is a major creditor for our country on environmental projects.

As for the amount of money that in the nearest years will pass through the agency, is still unknown. But industry experts note that this agency will just operate a few hundred million dollars that were allocated by foreign investors to solve the environmental problems in our country.

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Basil Kruglov,
Economic News, №121 (1354), 22.07.2010

Photo: National Environmental Investment Agency