Series of modern textbooks for Geoinformatics in Igor Sikorsky KPI


The development of modern information technology requires constant updating courses and programs. In particular, the direction of spatial data infrastructure and geographic information technologies in Ukraine are not enough equipped with modern Ukrainian-speaking educational literature. Therefore, prepared of two textbooks in the field of geographic information technologies in ESC "World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development" is an important event not only for Igor Sikorsky KPI, but all Ukrainian scientific and educational community in this area. Preparations of textbooks was carried out jointly by Canadian and Ukrainian experts as part of project of the technical support "Laying the foundations spatial data infrastructure: ensuring the base in the Ukrainian government to support sustainable economic growth". Both textbooks have received Methodological Council recommendation and Academic Council neck of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

The first textbook: Maguire B., Pashynska N., Datsenko L., Govorov M., Putrenko V. Introduction to GIS for spatial data infrastructure. The textbook covers the theoretical basis and practical knowledge of geographic information systems and technologies that are the basis for further successful development of areas of GIS. Particular attention is paid to the link between GIS technology and spatial data infrastructure, which is one of the key components of modern information society.
The second textbook: Cake D., Liashchenko A., Putrenko V., Khmelevsky J., Doroshenko K., Govorov M. Geodatabase management systems for spatial data infrastructure. The textbook covers the theoretical basis and practical knowledge about the structure and use of geodatabase. We consider the foundations of the general theory of databases, relational and object-relational model, the basic provisions of international standards for SQL-database access to geospatial data, and given guidance and practical exercises on the structure geodatabase ESRI.
Development of six textbooks was planned in total, according to the amount of courses that implemented in the project. Textbooks should be used in the educational process in the preparation of technical and geographical specialties of higher education and training courses for civil servants in the field of land management, surveying, mapping and information technology.
These materials have been successfully used by WDC's specialists in preparing students of Canadian-Ukrainian educational program in GIS.

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