Information of Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine the name of S.I. Subbotina


General conclusions concerning conducted research.

  1. The construction technique of the maps, displaying abnormal magnetic field (?Т)а, its regional (?Т)а.reg and local (?Т)а.loc. components and module T was developed.
  2. The new estimation criterion of the terrestrial magnetic field storminess was offered, which can be used in the study of the geomagnetic field's secular course and its ecological aspect.
  3. Maps of abnormal magnetic field (?Т)а, its regional (?Т)а.reg and local (?Т)а.loc.

Natural conditions and natural resources. Geophysical fields

Physical fields that were caused or changed with planet natural environment called geophysical fields (GF). GF change and distribution in time and space depend on resources availability and power and on natural environment characteristics structure and its dynamics under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors as well.

Abnormal magnetic field. Regional magnetic anomalies

During the last years the abnormal magnetic field has been successfully used for the construction of non-uniformly scaled solid models, the geological environment, which is also an integral part of the estimation of perspectivity of geological structures on different minerals.

Abnormal gravitational field

Abnormal gravitational field. Abnormal Earth crust and upper mantle thickness.

Results of 3D Analysis of Magnetic Model of Earth Crust

3D Earth crust magnetic models with other geological-geophysical data in connection with tectonics, magmatism, metallogenic specialisation and minerals prognostication were analysed.

Magmatic formations of the basic and ultrabasic structure of pre-platform development stage of Ukrainian board, which are drawn off on the surface of crystal base, are situated mainly over deep blocks (or their edges) of the Earth crust with the raised magnetisation values;

Petromagnetic Types of Earth Crust

By the magmatism type, size of magnetisation and yhe lithosphere structure, four petromagnetic earth crust types are singled out.

The most widespread mafic and sialmafic types, which are characterised by the basic magmatism and high magnetisation values, are considered to be the structures of extension modes. Areas of primordial continental crust consolidations, rifts (paleorifts) and zones of oceanic and continental lithosphere articulation can be analogues of such structures.

Nonmagnetic Deep Blocks of Earth Crust in connection with the Nodes of Traversal of Transemegablock Crustmantle Magmoactive zones

Edges of the deep magnetic blocks of the earth crust in association with section knots of transmegablock crust-mantle structurally-deformational (magmoactive) zones are perspective in kimberlite magmatism.

Non-magnetic deep blocks of the earth crust in association with section knots of transmegablock crust-mantle structurally-deformational (magmoactive) zones are perspective in kimberlite-lamproite magmatism.

Genetic and structural-genetic connections between abnormal magnetic field of the earth and its oil-and-gas content are substantiated.

Seismicity of Ukraine

Scale 1:5 000 000

             Authors: Kendzera  О.V., Pustovitenko B.G., Kutas V.V., Kulchitsky V.E. Verbytsky S.T., Pronishin R.S., Safronov О.M.,  Korolyov V.О.,  Kalitova І.А., Pasynkov  G.D.,  Stasyuk А.F.

Abnormal gravitation field. Abnormal density




Information of magnetic observatories of Ukraine

Geomagnetical ecology

New maps of the magnetic fields of Ukraine

Abnormal magnetic field