Results of 3D Analysis of Magnetic Model of Earth Crust

3D Earth crust magnetic models with other geological-geophysical data in connection with tectonics, magmatism, metallogenic specialisation and minerals prognostication were analysed.

Magmatic formations of the basic and ultrabasic structure of pre-platform development stage of Ukrainian board, which are drawn off on the surface of crystal base, are situated mainly over deep blocks (or their edges) of the Earth crust with the raised magnetisation values;

Reduction of average magnetisation value of the materials with basic and ultrabasic structure along with the reduction of their formation age is discovered, and the maximum magnetisation of crust bottoms of archaic Podolsky, Buzhsky, and partially Serednyoprydniprovsky megablocks and the West Priazovsky block, its smaller intensity in the Volynsky megablock and practically not magnetic bottom crust of the platform activization areas is connected with it.