World Data Center

WDC-Ukraine is a part of World Data Center System of the International Council of Science (ICSU), and acts according to the “WDC System Guide”.

Among the basic tasks of WDC-Ukraine there is collection, handling and storage of science data and giving access to it for usage both in science research and study process. That include contemporary tutoring technologies and resources of e-libraries and archives; remote access to own information resources for the wide circle of scientists from the universities and science institutions of Ukraine.

News & Events

Top-managers of «Boeing International» familiarized themselves with airspace program of NTTU “KPI” and WDC-Ukraine


Delegation of top-managers of «Boeing International» visited NTUU “KPI” in November, 4.

We remind that «Boeing International» is a company-member of “Boeing”corporation (USA) providing international links of one of the biggest and the most popular aerospace technology producers in the world. Today corporation is increasingly cooperating with universities regarding personnel training for its Engineering center that operates in KPI since that year, thus it isn’t the first visit of «Boeing International» executives to NTUU “KPI”.

Leading specialists of Ministry of Eleconomic Development and NTUU “KPI” discussed the ways of integrating innovative model of highly technological economy of Ukraine


On Saturday, October, 31st scientific and practical seminar “Integration of innovative model of highly technological economy of Ukraine” took place in NTUU “KPI”.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, NTUU “KPI” and The Institute of Applied Mathematics Analysis of the Ministry of Education and Academy of Science of Ukraine were its organizers.

Mykhailo Zgurovskyi, rector of NTUU “KPI” and academician of Academy of Science, and Ruslan Korzh, the vice-president of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine headed the meeting.

Joint master program "Data mining for Decision-making"


It is our great pleasure to announce the first entry of joint master program of Institute of Applied System Analysis NTUU "KPI" and World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development "Data mining for Decision-making"
Deadline of application - 5/08/2015
Governmental funding - 10 places; maximum number of students - 50.